Meet Us

Having relocated to the United States from Peru in 1992, the Egoavil and Anguino Family sought the opportunities their new home offered. Together they have successfully realized their family dream of owning and operating their own restaurant. El Tule was previously the home of another restaurant offering Mexican fare. The Egoavil and Anguino Family have infused the eatery with a vibe all its own.

El-Tule's Mexican-Latin fusion includes traditional Mexican offerings as well as the addition of Peruvian menu items. Peruvian food has been gaining momentum among foodies across the nation for its unique harmonious flavors and mindfully crafted dishes that are both delicious and healthy.

Chef Carmen, or Koki, as she is called by her close friends, is a woman who learned the kitchen through her mother's teachings but continued its exploration by her own means. When she is in the kitchen, her magical hands work to create exquisite dishes true to both Peru and her own individual style.

Peruvian chefs are well recognized for drawing some of the best flavors and textures from uncommon ingredients, one of the many talents of Chef Carmen. With an unconditional love for Peruvian food, Chef Carmen brings a new and delicious array of flavors to the table everyday.

Mexico is the birthplace of dishes loved by people around the world, due to the wide variety of native spices and talented chefs like Chef Said Anguiano.

With many years of experience perfecting his techniques, Chef Said Anguiano crafts unique Mexican dishes that bring bold flavors to traditional recipes. Excellent when paired with good friends and good tequila.