Peruvian Dinner

Try one of the most diverse and delicious cuisines in the world



Dish:Trilogy Ceviche

Autor: El Tule

The national dish of Peru

It is made with fresh fish and shellfish marinated in lime juice and Peruvian peppers. Recognized worldwide for its unique flavor and presentation, has put Peru on the list of ultimate gastronomic destinations. This delicacy is undoubtedly the result of a fusion of cultures through the years, and it shows the taste of Peruvian cuisine invites everyone to enjoy.



Soups, Salads & Appetizers


Autor: El Tule

Modern Peruvian appetizers inspired by traditional recipes

Most times when preparing a meeting in Peru, you should consider something fresh, aromatic, colorful, tasty and exquisite. Therefore, captive snacks to have fun in a group consistent, nutritious and served cold.


Platos de Fondo

Dish:Red Snapper and Crab Meat Tacu Tacu

Autor: El Tule

Peruvian classics and modern main courses.

Peruvian main courses are enormously varied in flavors and colors reflecting the native heritage, the three main geographical areas and of course the merging of traditional with foreign cooking styles from immigrants. As each region in Peru is distinct in its flora and fauna, each local cuisine adapts to the natural resources available and present foreign influences. Below find a few main courses that can be found in Lima around every corner. While some are typical for the Peruvian coastal region others clearly show the influences of other regions.

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