Meet the source of the Maya culture.

Tourism in XICO is an important economic activity for the country and is one of the highest in the world, placed in tenth place worldwide in terms of international tourist arrivals, with 21.5 million visitors in 2009, and is the first destination for foreign tourists within Latin America. is a country with varied turistic attractions because of their culture, geographical regions, rich history and cuisine.

Mexico's tourist attractions are the ancient ruins of Mesoamerican culture, colonial cities and beach resorts. The mild climate of the country along with its cultural historical heritage - culture fusion of European (particularly Spanish) with Mesoamerican culture - also make Mexico an attractive tourist destination worldwide. The vast majority of foreign tourists visiting Mexico come from the United States and Canada. The next largest group are visitors from Europe and Latin America. A small number of tourists also come from Asian countries.

There are lots of turistic destinies in mexican cities like:

- Distrito Federal
- Guerrero
- Quintana Roo
- Jalisco
- Sinaloa
- Nuevo León
- Yucatán*
- Puebla
- Baja California
- Queretaro
- Oaxaca**
- San Luis Potosí
- Chiapas
- Nayarit
- Colima

* Chichén Itzá Pyramid (one of the 7 modern marvels of the world) is located in Yucatán.
** El Tule tree is located in Oaxaca.

Some beautiful places

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